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Advertise your website!

Your website deserves the benefit of being marketed as much as your business deserves a website! 
Any advertising that you do should, of course, always include your web address.  
Beginning with your business cards, you want to get your web address "out there" as much as possible.  All of your advertising combines to bring you success. 

Free Business listings 

Free Business listings are available at Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, SuperPages, YellowPages.com, InsiderPages, Yelp, CityGuide and Citysearch.com
You will also find local listing in your County and Metro areas.

Listing your site with local directories.  
There are many local free directory listings to be pursued and we recommend getting signed up to as many as possible.  Many include a free link to your site. All the local directories you can sign up with cost nothing but your time.  

There is a fee to be listed with some directories, such as Yahoo's business directory, and Google's Business Directory.  Directories can be very beneficial to your online advertising campaign.

The column at right, gives you a checklist of  additional means to advertise your website.  You may elect to do some research into these resources as well.

You man also use our services, in Level 2 and Level 3 SEO.

We also highly recommend the use of Pay per click campaigns, such as Google AdWords.  This is one of the cheapest ways of getting new traffic to your site.
Search engines are moving in the "charge for listing" direction, but most still offer free and low-cost or free reviews by indexing well optimized web sites.

You can do this on your own or we can handle this for an additional fee.  

We strongly suggest you look at pay per click advertising and spend even just $10 per month to see what the results are. This is money very well spent for some very top notch exposure!  

Our best recommendation is "Google Adwords". 

These visitors were searching for your type of business in your area!  

GoogleAdwords is a great way for any business to boost their website activity! 

We optimize websites to achieve very good results by using good SEO techniques.  Pay per click advertising is like frosting on the cake!

Visit Google Adwords and have a look around.  Google's Keyword Planner offers a great way to come up with good keywords and phrases for placement into the text of your site.  If it looks a little too complicated, then it is possibly time to enlist a professional for the job!  Our SEO services are affordable and perfect for your needs!

We can advise you on all aspects pertaining to your web presence.
We show you how to get to the top of the search engines and generate more cash flow for your business.  

Going "Organic"

Good "organic" Ranking with the SE's,  requires that you and your webmaster compile a good list of "high value" keywords and key phrases!

It is most helpful if you can assist us in compiling a great list of search terms, key words and key phrases that are pertinent to your company or profession.  Together we can compose quality, SEO attracting, keyword rich text for you site's content.  In doing so, your site will be optimized to it's greatest "organic" potential, resulting in improved Search Engine "ranking", over time.

Pay Directories

There are many directories on the web that offer placement for a fee.
We can recommend some good directories that are worth looking at.  

Pay Per Click programs and Pay directories are definitely worth considering!
As these popular programs continue to prove their worth, It makes sense to spend a little 
to potentially reap much!  Choosing to optimize with additional products will certainly increase 
traffic to your site!  We can help with your Google Adwords account if you so desire.  Say the word and we'll get it done!

In partnership with Tropic Web Design, 
WDBB can fulfill your Pay per click campaign duties with speed and efficiency!  

Whatever your web site needs are - We offer solutions!

We can answer all your questions!  Just contact us for more information.  Check out our great design fees!
We include SEO in our basic services!

More extensive SEO available in our Level 2 and Level 3 SEO services.
Directory Submissions

Link building

Local / Niche Directory Research

Local / Niche Directory submissions

Outgoing links (one way)

Reciprocal links (two way)

Social Networking and 
Social Bookmarking

Social Networking Profiles

Local Community Advertising

Article Creation

Press Releases

Blog creation, updating and promotion

Forum Postings

Classified Ad creation and posting

RSS feed submission

Video Promotion

You Tube account 

We know of no easier way of increasing traffic to your site than Pay Per Click Programs.

Visit Google Adwords and have a look around.
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