Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving visitor hits to your website by optimizing its content in order to make it appealing to Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the major Search Engines.  In alliance with Tropic Web Design, we'll market your website with a high return on your campaign!

Improving your Search Engine Ranking is always our goal.  
* See what wikipedia has to say about SEO and  SEO Ranking.

SEO pertains to the building of the volume and quality of traffic to your website by way of un-paid "organic" or "algorithmic" search results.

Correctly optimizing a website starts with providing informative content with correctly applied "keyword rich text". Editing its content using keywords and key phrases as much as is legitimately called for.
It is advisable that you not use keywords excessively but, as often as is reasonable to the average reader.  Obvious overuse of keywords and key phrases can hurt your Search Ranking.  But, we will help you stay well within professional guidelines.  It is said that the SE's award you when you play by the rules! 

The site must be easy to navigate and should include a Site Map page.

We will insure that proper meta tag information is written into the source code of your site.  Page specific meta information is important!

Proper page titling is fundamental and often missed by webmasters.

Tagging of photos and videos with, keyword rich "mouse over" text.  
This "Alternate text" for photos are the quickest way to get found in image searches also!

Creativity is important in creating "SE friendly" tagging for photos

Informative content with outgoing links to equally informative websites are another good SEO technique.  "Reciprocal" links that are sensible within the parameters of your industry or subject matter are very valuable as well. This is one of the most logical reasons for having a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter linking to your website.

There are also a multitude of free directories that can be joined.  We are creative in helping you find numerous sources of these incoming links to your site.  
We are here for you to offer suggestions at all times.
It is very important that your site be current with recent  news & new content!

Google's Search engines introduced 
more changes in “Real Time Search” 
to make search results more timely and relevant. 
Updating your site regularly is important to SEO and looks good to your viewers!

The acronym "SEO" can also refer to "search engine optimizers".  
A self described title used by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients.  (SEM) Search Engine Marketing involves other means which may deal with paid inclusion like Google Adwords "pay per click" advertising.

We are partnered with consultants who will perform the many tasks included in the many additional forms of SEO and SEM.  
WDBB/TropicWebDesign builds and markets your website with excellent programing and social networking abilities!  
We are here to advise you on any "supplemental" advertising or external optimizing program.

Have us start you off with a good solid web presence with a properly optimized site!

Level 1 SEO is included in our basic plan and will be automatically implemented in the creation of your site pages.
Page titling and optimization

Site Map Navigation

SiteTracker Setup and monitoring

Keyword Research

Keyword Final Selection

Content (text) Optimization

Image tagging

Meta Description creation and optimization  (each page)

Meta Tag creation and optimization (each page)

Google Analytics Setup and monitoring

Initial Ranking Report

HTML code Optimization

HTML Sitemap creation

XML Sitemap 

Directory Research

Directory Submissions

Link building

Local / Niche Directory Research

Local / Niche Directory submissions

Outgoing links (one way)

Reciprocal links (two way)

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

Social Networking Profiles

Article Creation

Press Releases

Blog creation, updating and promotion

Forum Postings

Classified Ad creation and posting

RSS feed submission

Video Promotion

You Tube account creation

* Additional cost for Level 2 SEO
Employing good SEO practices will 
insure that your “rankings” with the 
Search Engines increase!

Legitimate use of keywords and key phrases in your site's text is extremely important!

We are here to help you 
optimize your site, right from the beginning. 

We can also help you with verbiage that will attract Search Engine attention!

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Level 2 SEO 

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Proper Website Structure

Built in "Organically" Optimized!

SEO strategy

Website content analysis

Keyword research

Competitive Analysis

Search Engine Submissions

Sitemap creation and navigation

. . .  and more!

Level 1 Search Engine Optimization is included at no additional cost !

     That's right ! 

Free SEO is included on all new designs!
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