"Solo web development".

If you are contemplating attempting to build your own website, do think about this.  
If you are looking for something very simple and if you are fairly experienced in using web applications and programs, this may be an option for you.  There are many do-it-yourself packages on the web, and as long as you have the time and skill, you may want to consider this.  Time truly is money, though, so let's look at a comparison scenario.  You can spend a great deal of time in the "learning curve" required to build and maintain your own website, Or you can spend a resonable monthly fee for a dedicated webmaster.  
When going it alone, at the very least you will pay between $5 and $25 per month to have your website hosted.  You will then need to undertake the sometimes daunting task of learning the programs and will no doubt, spend hours with service tech's to help you with your many questions.  
For most of our clients, their time is better spent doing business and is worth more than what your Web Specialist will charge each month. That one factor alone is usually enough to decide to use our services for your maintenance and updates. If your time is not an issue, consider these other factors:
"Do-it-yourself" web site packages and software have many limitations.  Most of these applications yield very basic looking pages. 
Designing and building an effective web site takes an expert many hours and only experience helps to reduce that time investment. 
If you don't have free time on your hands, you are probably better off hiring a company that can quickly and economically, get your site up and running and updated frequently.
Creating a website yourself can take days or weeks of frustration often producing poor results.  Most companies use professionals because it is generally much more cost effective and a professional designer will certainly bring a more professional look to your web site.
Correct optimization of your site to attract Search Engine activity is an art unto itself.  It is, and should be an ongoing part of the maintenance of your site.  Your site should not only look beautiful and balanced artistically, but it needs to be a magnet for the Search Engines so that people can find your site.   If all you want is a simple web site that can serve as an extension of your business card or portfolio, then you might want to try to go it alone, but if you are serious about your web presence making you money and reflecting your company or product in a professional way, then hire a professional.  Your overall costs will be very little more than if you did it yourself and a great deal easier on you!

If you are going to do your own website?  We can help!  Building a website at GoDaddy?  How about a Homestead, or other online editing platform?  We can help troubleshoot problems or provide additional content such as Flash elements or professional writing services.  
Tired of trying to handle your website on your own?  Turn it over to us!  Call us today to discuss your project!

Web site videos bring "life" to your website!

More and more, it pays to have a video on your website.
It's easy to achieve and can pay big dividends from you advertising budget.  Introducing your company with a web video quickly builds customer confidence and the use of web videos opens up other networking opportunities such as your own YouTube channel and others.  
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)           
Optimize your site through strong use of keywords.
This promotes Search Engine activity.

You can help us in optimizing your web site for greater Search Engine activity.  The primary way to build good "organic" ranking with the "SE's" is providing as many keywords and keyphrases as possible within the body of the text on your pages.  
Think of what keywords and phrases a person will be searching with.  And, then provide us with your best update to the text in your site to reflect these phrases.  As always, we are here to help with writing copy. Doing this is fundamental in gaining good ranking with Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines as well.

We can then also use those all important words and phrases in the background (meta tags) and also look to improve page titling which also is very important. I often see websites with page titles such as "Home page" instead of including company name, geographical info and important keywords and phrases.   Correct page titling is often missed by web designers and good page titling should incorporate somewhat different, wording and keywords depending on the page and it's content.  

Please provide us with as many keywords and phrases as you can possibly think of!  Google AdWords has a really handy tool to help compile your master list. Link to the Keyword Tool here and bookmark it for later. Help us to keep improving your content for each pageof your site. Expand and embellish your site content using your keyword list being always mindful of what search terms, words and phrases, you as a web viewer would use in looking for a business or profession such as yours.   

Update regularly!  No one likes a website that never, ever changes.  If you are paying for our service, then we stand ready to post new content throughout the year!  Your viewers will appreciate it and don't forget- So do the Search Engines!  Remember "ranking"?

Send us your new text and photos and they will be promptly posted to your site!  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Let us know your thoughts.

We want to see your site expand and improve continually as the months and years progress!

Remember, we are here to help!

If you are already doing business with us or are considering our services and you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

Learn more about us.  FInd out why you need website page design by WebDesignbyBob.com!  

We will fine tune your website to your asthetic preferences AND to the Search Engines through compitents SEO practices.
WebDesignbyBob can easily post your videos on your website 
and we charge nothing extra to do so!  

So, get moving with those video cameras!  

If you are looking to have an expert job done, we have answers
for all your video needs.  The very best results in introductory videos are achieved 
by professional video producers with the latest camera equipment, professional lighting, 
and editing equipment!  These days you can get very high quality video on a very modest budget.  
It is worth considering and we are there to help you!


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Browser and Mobile Device Trends

Today’s web designs require some thought to how the site will be viewed and on what devices.

Current trends in browser usage:                                                                                              2016

Mobile site design is fast becoming an important part of web design service in general.  Pages must have easy navigation for viewing on smaller devices.  This can mean, just using much bigger navigation tabs, or opting for a full on mobile site.
Our sites can be accompanied by a mobile site which automatically displays on all small devices quite nicely.  
We will handle all the details.  Consult us today!

General Browser use trends:
Usage share of all browsers for June 2015

Browser trends by device type last year looked like this:

80 % Desktop 
10% Mobile
10% Tablet

Let us advise you on how we optimize your website for 
these browsers and mobile devices!

We can get your site more mobile friendly!

Call us for more details!


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